Students visit to Old Age Home, Dasuya

February 11, 2020

As a part of Silver Jubilee celebration ’25 years of Sparkling Souls and spreading peace’ Darshanites collected-biscuits, breads, soaps. Hand wash, clothes, etc. as a part of donation drive and visited “Baba Deep Singh-Old Age Home’, Garhdiwala on 7 Feb 2020. Students and staff contributed generously. Students spent some quality time with the old people and experienced the contentment looking at their happy faces. The life for many is very difficult, but the staff taking care of them tries their best to help them to lead a better and hopeful life. After every visit Darshan Academy team left the place with the heavy heart. Interacting with such people makes one realize the importance of facilities one avails in life and tank God, with whose grace we are able to help others, in need.


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