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Sanskrit Week Celebration, Hisar

(September 25, 2017)

Sanskrit Week was celebrated at Darshan Academy Hisar from 29th August to 2nd September, 2017. The students of 6th, 7th, and 8th classes enthusiastically presented thoughts, news, speeches, songs, conversation and mantras during assembly. Class 8 students Rishu, Tamanna, Vipul, Sunaina, Nidhi, and Manasi presented a role play on the topic, “Hansaya Balak Kavi Sammelan.” They mesmerized the audience with their performance. On Saturday, a Shloka Antakshri was conducted in which students were divided into four teams. In this competition Sawan House received twenty-two marks thus achieving first position. The Sanskrit week was very interesting and enjoyable for the students who were involved in the interactive, stimulating activities and presentations. Principal Jessica R Kamble lauded the learning approach and the various activities performed during the week.

Mock Parliament, Hisar

(September 25, 2017)

It was an exciting day for the students at Dashan Academy Hisar as they presented a Mock Parliament Session in the school’s open air auditorium. The purpose of the activity is to replicate the structure and working procedures adopted in the Indian Parliament. The students acted as elected members of the Parliament and discussed various important issues relating to school- common facilities and amenities, achievements, programs and other matters of concern. The most appealing moment was to observe young leaders taking oath in Hindi and English. The students paid tribute to the past student leaders with a two minute silence followed by introductions of the new ministers.

Students presented a role play in a typical setting of the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament. They began with a Question Hour, followed by consideration of the bill, Parliamentary Committee report, discussion of urgent public importance, voting and recording of votes, and declaration of results. Jasmeet assumed the role of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Nikhil presented the Parliament Committee report. Mrs. Ritu Verma and Mrs. Neelam Rani, co-coordinators of the event, praised the student performances saying they embraced their roles with assertion and gave strong debates to create a realistic atmosphere.

The Mock Parliament session was organized by a Department of Social Science team and chaired by Mrs. Minakshi Soni (Middle School Coordinator) and Hitesh Babal (Senior Coordinator). The informative and interactive experience resulted in students acquiring a greater understanding of politics and how the House of Commons works as well as demonstrating their exceptional flair for debate.

Principal Jessica R. Kamble congratulated the students and encouraged them to continue to participate in such extra co-curricular activities. She said these kinds of activities are important in developing their overall debating skills and their knowledge of current issues faced by the country.

Love and Service Week, Lucknow

(September 25, 2017)

Darshan Academy, Lucknow celebrated Love and Service Week from 15th to 21st September, 2017. Students participated in various competitions and activities such as a skit competition, rhyme competition, plantation drive, visit to an old age home and Green Day Celebration. Classes III to V presented skits on the virtues of kindness, truthfulness and selfless service. Green Ambassadors planted saplings on the school campus as well as in a nearby park where they shared the message of ‘each one plant one’ with people. To demonstrate selfless service, students visited a home for the aged where they happily received the blessings from the elderly people. Green Day was celebrated with great exuberance. Both teachers and students dressed in green. Teachers explained the importance of the color green and a brief skit was performed by students with the message to save trees. A poster making competition gave budding artists opportunity to use their imagination and create a drawing on the topic of love and selfless service.Students participated with joy in the various activities and imbibed the spirit of love and selfless service. Their kind actions were acknowledged by presenting them with gifts and chocolates. It was a fun filled day for the students.

Spiritual Talk, Hisar

(September 18, 2017)

A spiritual talk on “Truthfulness” was organized for students from class I to V on 9th September 2017 in Darshan Academy, Hisar. Speakers Ms Batra and Ms Reena were welcomed and had an interactive session question and answer session related to behavior. They explained the meaning of “Truthfulness” as a state of being true and honest in thought, word and actions. They emphasized that truthfulness builds good character and narrated entertaining stories. The benefits of meditation were also discussed and everyone enjoyed a ten-minute meditation session

Green Day Celebrations, Meerut

(September 18, 2017)

Green Day was celebrated at Darshan Academy Meerut on 4th September 2017. Students of the pre-primary wing and teachers came dressed in green outfits. The area was decorated with everything green - green balloons, panels and charts.

A short story was narrated to the students focused on the importance of eating green vegetables and fruits to be healthy. Students were actively involved in the story through movements and wore cut-outs of a green fruits and vegetables.

Games such as garland of green flowers, pick the green fruit/vegetable and play station activity were enjoyed by all. Students went to the dance floor and had fun moving to music. Afterwards they completed their activity sheets in their respective classrooms. Class Nursery coloured tortoises and did tissue printing on the cut-outs of grass blades. Class LKG enjoyed thumb painting on pasted cut-outs of caterpillars and parrots. Class UKG took pleasure in finger printing and writing about various green vegetables.

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