Darshan Academy, Dasuya

Principal's Message

Mr. Rasik Gupta

Darshan Academy Dasuya, established in 1999, has an ideal school environment that encourages students to showcase their innate qualities and capabilities. Sports and co-curricular activities provide all-round development. Darshan Academies were established with the goal of “creating generations of peacemakers”. We promote spirituality and meditation along with a standard curriculum so that students develop as complete and socially useful adults. The school day begins with ten minutes of meditation. This aids in developing the students’ ability to concentrate and retain information. Parent orientation programs and parent/teachers’ meetings are organized at regular intervals to share information and work together for the overall development of the children.

Regular participation in sports, cultural activities, and hobby clubs help students decompress. In addition, they are taught in such a way that they understand and retain information. This eliminates the need for last-minute cramming, keeping them always ready for exams and eliminating last-minute pressure.

I look back with pride at Darshan Academy Dasuya’s past accomplishments and look forward to a bright future for our students and for the school itself.

Rasik Gupta