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Summer Camp 2021

Darshan Academy, Dasuya held a virtual summer camp for students 3-18 from May 27 to June 3, 2021, with full zeal and enthusiasm. Activities included aerobics, dance & freeze, tongue twister, yoga, meditation, mother chef, nani–dadi story sessions, art and crafts, helping mom, master chefs, 

Language Activity

An activity named ‘My Alien-My Buddy’ was organized for Darshan Academy, Dasuya students of grade IV in their English class. Students were asked to imagine what aliens would look like, draw their pictures, give them a proper name and speak on the topic ‘Imagine you met 

Slogan Writing

Students of grade III enjoyed the virtual tour of Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in their English class. They watched famous cricket matches played there and cheered their favorite Indian Cricket team by making beautiful posters with slogans written to support them.  This activity enhanced their 

Save Water Save the World

In their online English class, students of grade III Darshan Academy, Dasuya displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters on the theme ‘Save Water, Save the World’. Students learnt more about the need and the significance of conserving water. 

Spaceship Activity

Students of grade IV made creative spaceships in their English class. They then narrated stories of their trip to Mars and meeting an alien there. This activity helped them build a scientific attitude, universal feeling and peace. Moreover, it enhanced their imagination and language skills.  

Rainbow Activity

Students of grade UKG Darshan Academy, Dasuya participated in a rainbow activity in their spiritual curriculum class. They made rainbows using colourful paper and ribbons and gifted the hand made rainbows to their parents as a token of love. This activity helped them learn about 

Letters to Santa

Students of grades IV and V Darshan Academy, Dasuya wrote letters to Santa Claus in their English class. They also made New Year cards and wrote messages for their loved ones. In this way, they learned about the significance of celebrating Christmas and enhanced their 

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Family Trees

Students of grade UKG at Darshan Academy, Dasuya learnt more about their ancestors and showed their artistic skills by making beautiful family trees.